RINFORCYL SEBO Lotion for greasy hair and hair loss

Salicylic acid silanol-reduced glutathione-palm fruit-Ali erythropolis, plant extract (burdock, lavender, dandelion, plantain, poppy, artichoke, rose) plant extract with specific purification effect mixture
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Product Details

    Its sebum-balancing and purifying action is useful for the treatment of scalp seborrheic dermatitis. It is safe, fast antiseptic and degreasing, and is not affected by the high rebound of sebaceous glands. It ensures immediate control of sebaceous gland disease and has a refreshing, repairing and antipruritic effect. This balance has occurred since the first few applications and has been enhanced a week later to bring the skin back to a more normal state (3 applications, once every two days).

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