MAKE-UP REMOVER Deep cleansing

精致的洁面液,由于海盐复合物的净化作用,卸妆尊重肌肤的生理平衡。黄瓜、葡萄、柠檬的天然萃取精华滋润、清爽肌肤,恢复肌肤的基本元素,带给肌肤绝对的舒适感.        活性成分:黄瓜、葡萄、柠檬、复合海盐
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Product Details

    Delicate cleansing solution, It removes make-up thanks to


    the purifying action of the Complex of Sea salts, respecting physiological skin-balance.


    The natural extracts of Cucumber, Grapes and Lemon moisturize and refresh the skin restoring its essential elements and giving it an absolute comfort sensation.


    Active ingredients: Cucumber, Grapes, Lemon, Complex of Sea salts.

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