Fruit acid exfoliating gel

柔软的矿物微粒磨砂与和水果活性物质混合,    去角质和再矿化作用。    微粒子与海洋的复合体乳状基质中所含的盐能有效地抚平和净化死细胞。    葡萄提取液和甜杏仁油滋润和正常化的皮肤    一个丝滑和柔软的感觉    soft活性成分:柠檬、蓝莓、橙、复合海盐、甜杏仁油
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Product Details

    Soft mineral particles are ground and mixed with fruit actives.

    Exfoliation and remineralization.

    The salt contained in the milky matrix of the composite of microparticles and oceans can effectively smooth and purify dead cells.

    Grape extract and sweet almond oil moisturize and normalize skin

    a silky and soft feeling

    Soft active ingredients: lemon, blueberry, orange, compound sea salt, sweet almond oil

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